• NOVEMBER 6 AT 19:00 moscow
«Personal Internal Sound»
with Danil Alekseev
Every phenomenon in this world has its own sound! Man is no exception. - We sound! We sound different.
All phenomena in this world, in the universe, have their own unique sound. A human being also has their own inner sound, tonality, harmony. We sound in unison with some phenomena or people, but something or someone cannot enter into our life.

Wealth and poverty have their own tonality. Health and illness, success and failure, fear and calmness – they all sound differently. Our personal inner sound is combination of these sounds.
My goal is to show to a person their healthy, creative, constructive sound and how to make a transition to a new sound!
Webinar host:
Danil Alekseev
  • Coach, Business Consultant, Composer.
I have always been interested in the topic of human abilities, abilities and capabilities of the brain. And thanks to Mirzakarim Sanakulovich, we learned that yes - these people exist, exist in the present tense.- People with extraordinary capabilities compared to most. Although in reality, all that we call superpowers is the norm for a person, his natural state. You just need to come to this norm, become what man was originally conceived and created.
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«Personal Internal Sound»

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